Have you heard The Juice yet?

All has been fairly quiet on the Ardeem front lately. This is mainly because I have been working on a new project, The Juice. It's a real band and plays sort-of reggae music. It is interesting.

We have some gigs and a recording coming up, so to get more info, go here, and sign up to the mailing list.

Also, I've cut together some behind-the-scenes recordings and video from some of our gigs and rehearsals, that I think you'll find interesting. Go here to check them out.

That's all for now, check it out.




A small gig on a Friday.


I have a gig on Friday, November 1st. It's a small one at The Thornbury Local – I'm going to be trying out a new, smaller setup. It will be a smaller, cooler, more-dynamic me. It's free, so come and have a look. I'll update times when I know. Probably about 10pm. You can get food there too, which is nice.

Here's the poster I made:

TTL A3 Poster.jpg


White, isn't it? Just like me.

See you there. 

Love from Jacob

The results are in!

As those of you on my mailing list know, last week I ran a competition of sorts. 

Basically, I am getting a real video made for my song, Save You.  In the video, I want a friend's face to feature. As such, I set the task of Tweeting/Facebooking/sharing my new single as a way of getting entrants into the draw to be in my video.

In the name of transparency, boredom and suspense, here is how the process worked: 

As people shared my link on Facebook, Twitter, etc., I updated a little text file on my Information-Phone with their newly-earned points – 1 point for a share, 2 for a direct recommendation and 3 for a lil' somethin' special.

Here's the distribution of entries into the draw:

Then, I used random.org as a random number generator – according to the distribution above, whatever number between 1 and 42 came out would decide the winner. 

And so:


As seen in the video above, (as suspicious a result as '1' is) the person who had '1' allocated to them wins. Which happens to be 'Person 1'. Who happens to be Abbie Kinniburgh.

My sister. Suspicious?


And that's how random numbers work. 

Thanks to all of you who shared my single. Please feel free to keep doing so. And do so. The video should be done in a couple of weeks and I will be sending it around to everyone on my mailing list. So, if you haven't already, sign up

How exciting! 

Love from Jacob


Save You is released!

Hello there. How exciting! Yes, I am! Thank you for asking.

My new single, Save You, is finally 'released'. At present, there are three ways to get yourself a copy.

1. Sign up to the mailing list at Ardeem.com

2. Listen to the lyric video version on Youtube 

3. Pre-order my upcoming album, I'm a Professional, get a high-quality download and the rest of the album will be sent to you once it's released

Tell your friend/s! 

This is the single from the album – there is a video and album launch to come. More about those later, but keep Sunday October 6th free.


That's all for now. I hope you like the song. Very much.

I like it.

Love from Jacob

Oh yeah, I said there would be more video...

Here it is:

Cool, huh? Wouldn't it be great if I had a gig coming up soon and you could see this live with your very own ears? Except I'd probably have a light show as well and a whole bunch of new material and a guitar and lasers and it would be even better!

Yeah, that'd be great.

Also, join the mailing list already. Because you want to be in the know. And cool. Like me.


Love from Jacob

Some *new* footage of Ardeem in the wild

Never-before seen. Here are a couple of clips from my album launch on the loneliest Sunday of the year.

How deliciously melancholy.


And another:

More to come. Later. Soon.


Have a lovely day.

Love from Jacob

Secret Project

Shhh..... secret.


In the meantime, join the mailing list. Also, tell your friend/s to do the same.


Love from Jacob

This Sunday... bring a white T-shirt

Hello Stranger.

In my kindness and grace, I would like to help you become 'in the know'. To do this, I will tell you about something special which will be happening at my launch this Sunday

Those of you who have seen my album artwork, know that it looks something like this:


What I have to offer you, kind person, is the chance to get your very own, custom-ironed shirt featuring this image. That is, I will literally give you my heart, which you can wear close to your heart. Isn't that sweet?

"Wow, that is sweet!" you exclaim. "How can I make it happen?"

Well, new best friend, when you come to the launch on Sunday, bring a white T-shirt (or pillow case, hanky, whatever) and we at Ardeem Industries Enterprises™ will iron on a heart for you. FREE!

Like, someone will literally take your shirt, whack a heart on it and iron, iron, iron until the two become one

What's more, even if you don't have a white shirt (or forget to bring one), there will be a number of T-shirts there for you to acquire – they'll be $10. This is still pretty cool, but you should totally bring one yourself – save $10 and show just how 'in the know' you are!

So, yeah. Come on Sunday, bring a white T-shirt and feel special! Because you are special. To me.

Also, a reminder:

Please go to my page on Unearthed, sign up for an account and rate or review my music.

I understand that signing up for an account looks scary, but it literally only takes 20 seconds. I ask that, since you were willing to spend at least a minute or so reading this crap, please take another 20 seconds to sign up to Unearthed and then rate and review my music.

In fact, why are you still here? Stop wasting your time reading this and go to Unearthed. There's really nothing left here except my plea for you to go to Unearthed and rate my music so I don't look like a loser with a blog post explicitly asking people to rate his music linking to an Unearthed page which literally has no reviews or ratings on it. Like no-one cares. Like I'm totally being left hanging. Did I mention like a loser?

Thank you. See you on Sunday.

Literally, love from Jacob


Ardeem is finally on Unearthed!

Oh hi!

Just wanted to let you all know that my music is finally up on Triple J Unearthed – just in time for the album launch (in less than two weeks!).

So, what I would like to ask of you is to:

a) immediately drop everything (this is necessary. If you are not currently holding anything, please pick something up so as to drop it. Again, this is necessary.),

b) go to my page on Unearthed,

c) listen to the couple of tracks (if you haven't heard them already); and,

d) rate the tracks (nicely) and leave a review for your favourite. All reviews are welcome, positive ones are encouraged.


Also, e) command that everyone else you know does the same.




Good afternoon.

That's all for now.



Love from Jacob


The Ardeem album launch is announced!


What's up? Oh nothing really. Just announcing that I will be launching my debut album, Love, on Sunday, February 17th in Brunswick. It's the Sunday after Valentine's Day. And the album is an album of Love songs. And it's called Love.

Get it? Good.

Here's the poster:

I have made a page with all the relevant info on it at http://gig.ardeem.com.

There's also a Facebook Event, which I would love for you to check out, join and share.

Aaaand, come and see the show!

How exciting!

That's all for now. More later.

Love from Jacob


This week in Jacob


Been busy for the last few weeks rehearsing and playing with JAzmaris and Mahmoud Ahmed. Did a couple of gigs at MONA FOMA and the Arts Centre, ate a lot of Ethiopian food and had fun, which is what it's all about.

Coming up this weekend, I have a couple of little activities for you to have fun at.

On Saturday, Kanchana and I are hosting a shindig at Horse Bazaar in Melbourne. It'll be a Triple J Hottest 100 countdown during the day and some DJing and a Fat Gold Chain set at night. Starting from 2 until whenever it needs to stop. Free. I'm making a video thing to play on the walls. It will be cool. Come hang out. Here's a flyer:

 On Sunday, it's time again for Milton to grace the halls of Yarraville. First gig of the new year. Exciting. Come to this as well. Or else. Here's another flyer with all the details:

 And, to give you something to do right now, here's a video of a violinst playing Eruption, which is cool:

 That is all. See you on the weekend.

Love from Jacob


Ardeem Live footage. From the GIG.


Here's a cheeky clip I cut from the inaugural Ardeem debutante coming out gig a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, it doesn't really show much live-looping percussiveness, but it is a little taste, nonetheless – next gig I promise I will learn from my experience and get some better footage.

You can also watch (and comment, Like, etc. blah blah blah) it on Youtube. Cool.

To those that came, thanks for coming and I hope you enjoyed it. It was a good night, no? If anyone took any photos they would like to share with me, please get in touch.

As long as they make me look handsome.

Finally, for those of you who weren't able to make it (shame on you) and, especially, for those who came, enjoyed it and want to come to the next gig – the weekend after Valentine's day. Keep it free.

Good night.

Love from Jacob

Thank you

For those who came to my gig last night, I made you a little video when I got home.

If you didn't come to the gig, shame on you and I'll see you at the next one.

But really, thank you.

And remember, even if you don't like, please Like™

Love from Jacob

Last chance to Pre-Book for the GIG




You may know that the inaugural Ardeem debutante coming out gig is on tomorrow evening (full details here). As such, I wanted to give you a friendly reminder that pre-bookings will close at 6pm today. You don't have to pre-book (tickets are also at the door), but if you do, it makes planning easier for me and you get a nifty discount.

In preparations-news, everything looks like it will work out ok and hopefully I will be able to get some sleep tonight. It's going to be a variety evening of excitement and entertainment. I would like to see you there.

To finish this informative and friendly blog post, here's a picture of me with a goatee.

It's ok, it was very temporary.

Love from Jacob

A video

So good.


That's all.


Why hello there.

Just some short news. For tall people.

This Sunday is the last Milton gig of the year. You should come – it's a cruisy, relaxed, cool, hip Sunday arvo gig in Yarraville. Here's a flyer:


There will even be a BBQ. I am quite excited about this.

In other news, I've been rehearsing, troubleshooting and refining my performance for my upcoming gig. It's on Sunday week (2nd of December) and full details can be found by clicking right here. I have set up a little pre-booking system so BOOK NOW. It's even discounted. How special.

In other other news, there's some cool stuff on the horizon with my other band, Fat Gold Chain. Some things along the lines of new single and EP around the corner and a bunch of gigs for the end of the year and beginning of next year. And maybe even a party for NYE. Kanchana and I have been busy.

More on that later. For now, come to my gig.