Well hello there!

Yes, it has been that long. 12 days, according to undeniable fact. Let's see, what have I been up to?

On the day of my last post, I did have a Philosophy Monday. It was fairly uneventful – I kept pretty quiet and to myself. I don't really even remember what was talked about. Funny, I think that's what this Philosophy Mondays thing was meant to be about – helping me engage.

Oh well.

I also taught a drumming class in Fitzroy. That went well.

Over the course of the following week, I spent some time working on my Jump mentoring application, finished off writing and arranging the songs of my one-day-to-exist album, played percussion with Knight, went to a luncheon and played cricket. While playing cricket, I fell over and hurt myself. That was no good.

Because I had fallen over and hurt myself at cricket, I didn't go into Uni on Monday and went to the doctor's to get checked out instead – I woke up Monday morning with a splitting headache, which seemed like a bad sign. I was generally ok, but pretty bruised and with a very sore neck. The doctor said I wasn't going to die or have my brain leak out my nose in brown drops but that I should be careful for the next week or so. I am also going to see a physio. So that was exciting. I even got a certificate! No lolly pop though. And no Philosophy Monday.

Because I am such a tough nut, I still taught drumming class that night. It went nicely.

My 'spare' time this week was largely spent working on my application – recording and producing sample material and writing lots of words about myself – and rehearsing for our Fat Gold Chain gig on Friday night. It went well and we used some big drums. We received some insightful criticism from master Ray Pereira and are now rethinking our musical direction. And our existence on the planet.


And that's about it up until now, really. I will be playing percussion with disco sensation Knight tomorrow night (Sunday, October 23rd) at Veludo Live (175 Acland St, St Kilda) at 9.30 – only a couple of shows left in this residency.

That's about it. 

Talk/Write at you soon.