Hello. Here's an update into the life of Jacob.

(How are you, by the way? Good? Good.)

It's been a busy week so far. I finished Uni for the semester (no more Philosophy Mondays for now – the last one wasn't that eventuful. We ended up in a coffee shop. I have some notes to relate but that is for another post another time.) All that's left to do for the year is write an essay.

I'll do it later.

In musical news, I have been busy completing my application for the Jump mentoring program. With the much-appreciated help of Ray Pereira and Peter Knight, I finished it today and submitted it – a WHOLE DAY before it was due. I fear I'm growing up.

Anyhow, in the application I proposed development of my idea for a solo, live-looping percussion extravaganza. I have been fiddling around with the idea for a few months (as you already know because you read my blog religiously). Hopefully my application will be successful and I will be able to get some assistance and guidance and I will create an awesome show. I'll let you know how I go.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be rehearsing and performing with Ethio-jazz band J-Azmaris. We have a gig at the Melbourne Recital centre on Saturday, November 5th, a PBS recording on the 6th and a gig at the Arts Centre on the 26th. Should be good.

Fat Gold Chain also had a gig last Friday night. It went well and we used some very big drums. Master Ray was kind enough to come and check us out and provide us with some... constructive criticism. From that, we are reconsidering our direction, existence and general worth to the planet. While it may initially have made us sad, we are thankful for the advice and it has spawned some good ideas. Thanks once again to Ray. We're also still sorting out gigs in the UK in July next year – if anyone knows anyone that might be relevant to that process, please let us know.

In Ardeem news, I'm finally at the stage of actually almost-finishing my album. I have begun working with a designer and have sent a couple of tracks off to Master Arun for mixing. Exciting. I am planning to have it ready early next year.

So, next year is shaping up to be fairly full-on. I'll be travelling to Senegal and the UK, developing a solo live-looping percussion show, releasing my solo Ardeem album and writing, performing and hopefully releasing the first full-length Fat Gold Chain album. It's not even that close to the end of this year yet, but I am already getting slightly overwhelmed and excited about the next one.

I think that means that, despite appearances and attitudes, I'm still young.

If you too are deceptively young, or if you have anything nice to say, I would love it if you left me a comment. It will make me happy and I will reply with vigour and zazz!

That's all for now.


Love from Jacob.