I haven't done much 'music' over the last couple of days. I've basically been either working as a mild-mannered Apple support technician or as an equally-mild-mannered Census officer. This means I have been walking around to people's houses in the RAIN and cold delivering Census forms for money. So, when you have your census form delivered, please be very nice to whomever delivers it to you because otherwise they might cry. Not that I have been crying, I'm just saying. 

Also, do your Census online – don't make me come back to your house to collect the paper form. Thanks.

Speaking of being dissatisfied in a land of plenty, here's a song I wrote a while ago called Milk and Honey. You may have heard it already. I am offering it to you because I haven't done anything else in the last few days. You may think it's a bit silly and it is.

I am going now to paint a ceiling. Fun.