That was you asking 'What's been up?', by the way, not me. That is, you are asking me. I am not asking you.

'What's been up?' you say?


Ray's currently on tour  so I have been taking his classes for him. Including teaching classroom music at a primary school on Tuesday. Fun. In addition to that, I joined the Melbourne Uni Super Sax ensemble for a short gig on Thursday, playing congas. That was fine. In studio, I've been working on recording some vocals and mixing. I have about five songs almost ready to have someone else to do some higher-level mixing and then mastering. I am hoping to get all 10 tracks from MY UPCOMING ALBUM pretty much ready to mix by December. 

So, that means a fair bit of work for now. I am looking forward to getting it done though so I can move onto something else. 

Speaking of something else, I haven't really had another chance to rehearse and experiment with my live looping setup, but that's on the to-do list.

Should keep me busy.

Sorry this post wasn't more interesting, it's really just a log entry. Keeping me on my toes, you know?