Today was pretty productive. I spent quite a few hours experimenting with and practicing my live looping percussion concept. It's still pretty rough – I'll post some video when it gets a bit smoother. Anyhow, that's coming along ok.

I also went for a WALK. How about that? 

Then I tried to plan for next year. I have a wedding to go to in Edinburgh in July next year and am trying to plan some music travel around that. At the moment, my plan is as follows:

• Go to Senegal (via London) for about 4 weeks in June, 2012.

• Go to the wedding in Edinburgh at the start of July.

• Spend 3 or 4 weeks in London or Europe... doing... something... musical (hopefully Fat Gold Chain or Ardeem gigs)

• Come home via Greece (perhaps having played some music at a Greek nightclub?) in early August.

I spent today looking up flights, accommodation, possible gig opportunities, etc. and trying to budget. I am trying to get Kanchana involved so we can do a bit of work to spread the Fat Gold Chain word. I also spent some time today looking into grants. I will apply for some.

If anyone has any information or advice that might be helpful, has contacts in London or elsewhere or knows places where I can find LOTS of money, please let me know.

That's about it for now.