Just so you know, I have no Uni for a couple of weeks. Hence the lack of Philosophy Monday. I am taking the time off to build up all my feelings of alienation, angst and frustration. When I get back I will be ON FIRE!

In other news, you know that stuff I've been waiting for? Like, a new soundcard, cabling, microphones, some software, cases, etc? Didn't I mention it? Every 5 minutes?


It's (pretty much) ALL HERE! 


So, I have been spending the last few days or so setting myself up, learning new tools and fiddling with new toys and am now getting back to finishing off the ALBUM. My djembe skin broke yesterday so I need to get that fixed before getting back to my live looping practice. Also, I've been working more on planning next year's trip – any advice, suggestions or recommendations would be very much appreciated.

In other other news, I am doing some volunteer work at Parklife today. Thought it might be worth doing. Kanchana and I are also going to some APRA networking day thing tomorrow. Should be... something.

That's all for now. I'll keep you posted.