This Monday I had philosophy class. In short, it made me feel frustrated, alienated and sad.


I was supposed to present the week's readings and I didn't do a good job. This was due to me spending insufficient time in preparation. As a result, I felt like a dummy. Additionally, I felt frustrated that everyone else in class will most likely think I'm a dummy now and will happily ignore my frustrated outbursts in the future.

As such, for the near future, I am going to just stay quiet in Philosophy class. I will get back to writing Philosophy Mondays, but it will hopefully be of more of a summarial nature, rather than a set of frustrated rants. Or, at least, if they are frustrated rants, they will just be my normal-frustrated, not my desperately-trying-to-discuss-things-that-are-important-to-me-and-apparently-no-one-else-frustrated.

In other news, the Fat Gold Chain gig went well on Sunday night. Some people even danced. We are coming up with some new material and working out a few different approaches to our set. We'll be doing some more gigs soon and I'll keep you posted.

Regarding music work, I am getting my stuff set up and doing a bit of practice, waiting for some gear that I ordered and tinkering with songs for my ALBUM.

I have been tardy with my blog posts. I will get better.