Hello there.

In 'Jacob's Ablum' news, all tracks are now mixed! Finally. This means I have a full CD (nearly) finished. At the moment I am showing it around to a lucky, few, special people to get some feedback (if you would like to be a lucky, few, special person and have a listen to the current, near-final mix of my ablum, leave a comment or email me or something. Or, if you don't want to be lucky, few or special, you can still listen to the songs I previously uploaded here, here and here).

I'll take a couple of weeks to show it around, gather some thoughts and give myself a bit of space from it before doing some final tweaking then getting it mastered. So, soon. Remember to stay excited.

In other 'Jacob's life' news, I started Uni again today. For those of you who don't know, I am doing an Honours 'year' in Philosophy. Part-time.

Very part-time.

This semester I am doing a subject called Political Philosophy

Again, for those of you recently tuning in, I have not really been enjoying Uni lately. Despite that, I feel good about this semester. I didn't feel any need to talk in today's class, but it was ok. Initially, the subject is going to be focused on theories of Egalitarianism. I think I will find this interesting, although, as always, infuriating. If I can still be bothered (and to force myself to interact with the material more) I will hopefully chime in here with some 'Philosophy Tuesday's. We'll see. Look forward to that.

In other news, I noticed today that my rego sticker on my car expired in June 2011. In order to rectify this, I went and found my new sticker and updated it. I then realised that the 'new' sticker I put on had also expired, so I found another newer sticker that doesn't expire until January 2013 and put that on.

And that's the end of that story – I hope it doesn't get you too excited and keep you up at night.

Thanks for reading.

Love from Jacob.