Hello there.

Been busy. Almost all of my tracks are mixed and will be ready for mastering in a couple of weeks. Currently I have three tracks to go. Here's the latest:

I like to think of it as a happy, warm-spirited and hopeful breakup song. Sort of. Have a listen and let me know what you think. As an explanation, every song on the ablum is part of a masterfully-woven and chronologically-presented story of 'love' – hence the title: Love. This song is towards the end, after things don't work out.

How sad.

But perhaps not. There are many fish in the world.

In other news, half of my family is in hospital and I have been working on finally writing and arranging some new material. More on that later – to sizzle: it involves my always-evolving, one-me-many-drums, musically-questionable, wall-of-noise live-looping setup.


Anyhow, that's all for now. I know I sound like a desperate loser asking people for feedback on my songs, but, yeah, I guess I am. So please do. Or else.

Thanks in advance and other implications of a social contract that will hopefully get you to listen to my songs, and tell me that you love me.