Been busy for the last few weeks rehearsing and playing with JAzmaris and Mahmoud Ahmed. Did a couple of gigs at MONA FOMA and the Arts Centre, ate a lot of Ethiopian food and had fun, which is what it's all about.

Coming up this weekend, I have a couple of little activities for you to have fun at.

On Saturday, Kanchana and I are hosting a shindig at Horse Bazaar in Melbourne. It'll be a Triple J Hottest 100 countdown during the day and some DJing and a Fat Gold Chain set at night. Starting from 2 until whenever it needs to stop. Free. I'm making a video thing to play on the walls. It will be cool. Come hang out. Here's a flyer:

 On Sunday, it's time again for Milton to grace the halls of Yarraville. First gig of the new year. Exciting. Come to this as well. Or else. Here's another flyer with all the details:

 And, to give you something to do right now, here's a video of a violinst playing Eruption, which is cool:

 That is all. See you on the weekend.

Love from Jacob