As those of you on my mailing list know, last week I ran a competition of sorts. 

Basically, I am getting a real video made for my song, Save You.  In the video, I want a friend's face to feature. As such, I set the task of Tweeting/Facebooking/sharing my new single as a way of getting entrants into the draw to be in my video.

In the name of transparency, boredom and suspense, here is how the process worked: 

As people shared my link on Facebook, Twitter, etc., I updated a little text file on my Information-Phone with their newly-earned points – 1 point for a share, 2 for a direct recommendation and 3 for a lil' somethin' special.

Here's the distribution of entries into the draw:

Then, I used as a random number generator – according to the distribution above, whatever number between 1 and 42 came out would decide the winner. 

And so:


As seen in the video above, (as suspicious a result as '1' is) the person who had '1' allocated to them wins. Which happens to be 'Person 1'. Who happens to be Abbie Kinniburgh.

My sister. Suspicious?


And that's how random numbers work. 

Thanks to all of you who shared my single. Please feel free to keep doing so. And do so. The video should be done in a couple of weeks and I will be sending it around to everyone on my mailing list. So, if you haven't already, sign up

How exciting! 

Love from Jacob