Thanks for coming.

First up is the single, Save You, from my new CD, called I'm a Professional

One day I was wondering about Mario's motivations for always saving the princess. I decided that he was probably trying to do so in an attempt to make himself feel better, because he's emotionally insecure. So I wrote a song about it.

Here's the video:

You can download a copy of Save You from Soundcloud, here.

Second is a song that sounds like it's creepier than it is. I hope. It's one of a series of songs that I produced fortnightly and sent to my mailing list. It's called Need a Little Something:


The third and final song is from my debut album, Love. A 'concept' album, it tells the story of a relationship – from lust-fueled meeting to crippling, over-intellectualised doubt, confusion, frustration and other such joys. This song is called Space:

And, in case you wanted to see some video, here's me doing an Iron Maiden cover at the end of a show:

If you want more, you can hear my debut album, Love and my second debut album, I'm a Professional at music.ardeem.com  

Any questions, please send me an email or call me on 0400 153 891.

Thanks very much for listening,